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Marketplace Where is the link?

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The webinar that just ended 5 minutes put a link into the chat. Unfortunately I was on my mobile and unfortunately I had to fight to get into the academy because of sign in loops. I switch to the desktop and in that zoom there was no link. Then I asked for the wrong link and now I have no idea where it is or what I am even looking for. The speaker said something about I have this here (in the academy), something about a script, he said the words radio? I have no idea. I was not paying attention really and he said things that peaked my interest and the webinar ended and now I can not find it.

But someone needs to fix the sign in for the academy. No idea why the default page is sign up and when you click sign in it takes you away and you cant get back at all.

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Hey Christopher!

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. I'd love to better understand the problem around the sign-in and would greatly appreciate it if you could walk me through it so that I can take it to the team. Please feel free to book a quick 15-minute meeting here.


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Hi Chris

Here are the links: Vendasta Workshop Program Weekly View
Please join the Vendasta Workshop Program Forum for additional resources from the workshop.
Office hours are a good place to hop in and ask for resources. 

Brady Lang
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Hey Christopher, I'm sorry you experienced this. This is a great point -- I am rethinking my approach to link-sharing now as you make a good point.. links aren't compatible with Zoom on mobile. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

^ Check my posts here, see the one on my recommended Outbound Radio Strategy

And as Hashim said, here's the actual group where this all gets posted.

Please join the Vendasta Workshop Program Forum for additional resources from the workshop.
Office hours are a good place to hop in and ask for resources. 

Lastly, thank you for your feedback re: Sign In.
I'd love if you connected with Kuan, who posted above, to go over that in more detail.