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What is your brand's personality?

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A person walks into the room... heads turn….who’s this newbie people think? They look interesting….but not so sure about them yet! What’s with that green? Huh, Vendasta’s not wasting time making friends. Vendasta knows their stuff! They’re confidently cool without being flashy, hip but not too hip - not on the bleeding edge of trends, but still on the cutting edge. Vendasta looks like a lot of fun! They’ve got it together. They work hard … when hard work pays off, they make sure to celebrate! They are shockingly intelligent, and one of those people who seems to know everything, but doesn’t flaunt it. Vendasta is driven and focused, and eager to help others.


This is a brand exercise we did to explore Vendasta's personality. How would you describe your brand's personality?

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I feel as though we need to add ping pong tables, jute box blasting the tunes, and old-school arcade games ?