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Website Payment Terms

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Hey Conquerors,

1. Curious what your payment terms on websites are & what has worked best? ( ie. 50% upfront & 50% on delivery, 100% upfront, etc.)

2. Stated delivery times - What do you guarantee?

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Mark Barrera
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Hey Doug,

These are great questions and we recently revamped our website offerings. You can see a detailed explanation of the differences from the old and new here:

In summary, we found that two payment types have worked best. Either 100% upfront with a slight discount or a low monthly at a 12-month commitment. Our old system had a mixture of both but most partners wanted one or the other and now it's available. It's really having the flexibility to choose which makes the payment method great.

Our new delivery times are much faster now. We will deliver a live site with 5, 7, or 10 days based on the package you choose and all custom add-ons will be completed after a live site is delivered.

This method shows an immediate a-ha moment after payment which provides value to the end-user quicker.