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Product Advice

Stephen Hardeman
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I'm to Vendasta. Does anyone have some ideas they could give for what products I should start with. I'm not to concerned with what field it is but I would like to make a decent profit while learning the system. Thank you!

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Hi Stephen that’s a great question.I believe that to be really successful, you will need more than just a product.In the end, what builds your social influence and generates this pull inwards towards you, is that one thing that you’re passionate about.I may be wrong, but I think the question you need to ask yourself, is not what product you should sell, but rather what is your true calling.

I’ve made the experience, that once I found my true calling, the products created themselves, as a matter of fact it even became hard to just focus on one thing.
I would recommend, you start at the very first course that Denis gives and work your way up from there.
Once you understand what Denis is talking about in regards to your lighthouse, you’ll also understand what you need to put into place to build your content wheel.
Because essentially you, your passion, your mission, and how you want to help other people is deeply rooted to what you feel is your calling.

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Hi Stephan,

I'm a product designer with Vendasta and get to talk to partners about how they sell products, what their needs are and how they meet their clients needs as well.

Some insights that have been shared with me are:

1. Ask questions and learn about your prospects business to learn their needs and challenges.
Before you recommend solutions to them, strive to understand their problems. You may find a pattern that will point you to specific solutions/products more than others.

2. You can use the Snapshot Report to figure out what questions to ask. The Snapshot Report shows you where your prospects business is succeeding and where it is struggling, but instead of just telling them this, use the Snapshot Report to ask them questions about how they are doing in those areas, what their current processes are, etc.
Once you have a good idea of where they need to improve , let them know you will put together a report and book a follow up consultation where you actually take them through the Snapshot Report (and don't forget that your time is valuable and costs money!).

3. Most business's listings are a mess and are difficult to stay on top of. Most need help with their listings.

I hope that information is helpful!

Janice Christopher
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Hi Stephen~

This is a great question, for sure.

I would suggest keeping it simple and following the "Buyer's Journey" to inform what services you will offer to your clients.

1) (digital) Advertising (Vendasta has a supportive process)

2) Listings Management

3) Reputation Management

4) Social Posting

(turn #3 & #4 into a package)

When you feel comfortable, build a website using Vendasta's team and then move on to offering SEO.

Let me know if you need more clarity. I'm happy to help.


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Start with the snapshot report and find the areas to build value. Create a package for listings, reputation, and social and be able to add websites, seo and paid ads.

Spend some time getting your store right this is also a great sales tool to use with your prospects.