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Listings Virtual Addresses

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I run my business out of my home.  I do not want to put my home address on all of my listings.  It's possible to purchase a virtual address, but GMB doesn't like them. I handle my own phone, I only get marketing mail, and if I need to meet people - which I try to avoid -  I meet people in their offices or at a local coffee shop.

How do I create listings for my own business (and any clients in the same boat) under these circumstances.  Ideas?  Has anyone else found a way out of this?


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When you’re creating your GMB listing it asks if you’ll have customers visiting you. If you say no, your address will not show anywhere on your listing. It’s usually used by service providers who always visit clients like plumbers or electricians. But it works for every home based business.

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@localbuzzgroup This is perfect, yep! Darlene, let us know if this information helped. LocalBuzzGroup made a great point- you are able to run a "service area" business which should solve your issue.