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Vendasta Platform Feedback

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I have been with Vendasta for 2 years. I am currently considering transitioning over and using the Vendasta platform for CRM, Invoicing, Project Management Etc..

Prior to doing so I would love to hear some feedback on current agencies using the Vendasta platform and all it's components on how your experience has been?

Thank you!

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I have been a partner for 4 years. I would say go for it. I really like the CRM Sales and Success Center. It is very easy to use and has continued to improve. I thing that using SSC along with automatons will simplify things greatly.

The task manager that is part of Vendasta works great for us there is also automated communication that will happen with your client via email and reporting. Again simplifying.

I am not using the invoicing yet and the main reason is that there is no ACH component. Once that becomes available I am pretty sure I will move my billing away from quickbooks. I think there are pros and cons to any system.

Feel free to connect if you have some specific questions.

Drew Taylor
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Hey Ariel,

I am a Business Development Representative here with Vendasta so I won't be able to give you that unbiased feedback you are looking for, but I would love to show you more of the platform if you decide you are interested in utilizing our 1-stop-shop experience.

Let me know what people are saying as you do some more research. I would love the opportunity to pass your findings along to our team so we can continue to innovate and create the best partner experience possible.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing more!