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Twitter Social Media Tips

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My team has started to offer Twitter social posting services as of last August. We have seen some success with it, but not as much growth as I’d like.

For those of you that post to Twitter, what are some tips and best practices to reach as many customers as possible? Excited to hear what works!

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Hey Jane! My team has been posting to Twitter on behalf of our clients for years now. Here are a few tips that work for us:

  • optimizing the businesses’ bio to showcase their distinct personality (add a few frequent hashtags here too).
  • stick to one to two hashtags, any more than that and we’ve found engagement drops.
  • lead searches with Social Marketing – once you figure out the proper keywords we’ve found this feature to be incredibly helpful! However, remember in the response not to be too “business-ey”, just strike up a conversation or make a joke. This way you’re top of mind to that potential customer and showcasing your clients awesome personality.
  • don’t use images in every post – sometimes a short and sweet text can resonate the most with audiences.

Interested to see what others are doing!

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One thing I find helps a lot is knowing the difference between platforms. A lot of businesses will approach each social media platform with the same tone and energy. Sometimes you need to mix that up, context pending, of course, but learn what works for you on Twitter and build from there is my big takeaway advice!