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Strategies to get existing clients to continue paying during these times of uncertainty

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Hi community Peeps.

I am pushing forward with Protect Local but wanted to get your tips, we have had some customers call their banks and pulled chargebacks, how is it going getting your existing customers to continue payments for digital marketing.

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Hello Sean
Thank you for the post and comments.

One of the tactics we are seeing as being effective is offering to PAUSE rather than cancel.

Keep the client, Offer assistance - Value - Local Online Toolkits and then as we go back to
business offer a 30/60/90 plan to help your clients capture the “bounce”

We are finding the value of a listing solution to be able to “reopen” on all listing sources with very little work. Also to be able to be able to pivot and quickly change opening hours based on local governments rulings.

Also great time to upgrade your website to e-commerce, “what if we get a second wave of Covid-19?” Lot’s of so called experts are talking about this. Identify the things you need to do to remain open with portions of your business now and use the downtime to get this right so you are protected.

Hope this helps, looking for your feedback on these tactics.
Keep Conquering!

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In addition to George’s tactics for Pause and Bouncing Back,

The ways to mitigate charge backs is KYC (Know your Customer) and since these are presumably customers you are contracted with then the next step is to ensure proper onboarding/ vetting process. I was discussing this with our finance gurus and here are a few options that may help too.

Option 1 To help combat chargebacks is providing evidence to the bank to prove a contract exists and a signed form authorizing the charge signed by the card-holder is on file, etc.

Option 2 If customers are virtual, using risk management software is best such as ensuring the card is legitimately used (cardholder address matches the billing address, the cardholder/ identity is associated with the business etc).

Option 3 If they are walk in customers, then using chip 'n PIN method is best. (Not so much advice for you at the moment, but some of your small business customers may i.e. click and collect / curbside)

All the best

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Yup-- main thing is to simply keep communication open.