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Snapshot Report Which sections do you spend more time on when prospecting?

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I started emailing prospects Snapshot reports since January of this year. With the few prospects I get to spend the most time with, I find I get the most engagement when I talk about the reviews section and how bad reviews = less business. Then I explain how I do review responses for small businesses. This has made me a few clients!
Is there a section of Snapshot you spend more time on?

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Hi @ChristiS welcome to the community. The Snapshot report is an amazing needs analysis for businesses. It also is “programmatic content creation” for marketing automation campaigns. One of the things we have found is the Snapshot also maps out where a trusted advisor should go on their presentation to solve the clients needs. If listings are a clients biggest gap, or social, or website, that is where you should start first. Solve the biggest need first, show the client your value and then move on to solving other challenges for the client.

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Hi @ChristiS, as George mentioned, with the snapshot solving the biggest need first is the better approach especially to engage with prospects. Yet, sometimes you also can use a user journey approach to help them to understand how the different sections of the snapshot report could work together to improve their digital customer experience. This is what I bring this association to their attention