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Setting our own business us as a customer

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Hello, I am very new here. Today I set up ourselves as a customer on the platform. Is this what other people have done too?

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Charles Leary
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We too, fairly new, have taken the same approach; in fact our approach is to utilize some of our start-up business ideas/concepts as "clients" prior to market penetration and customer seeking.

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Great Charles. Glad to know someone else if thinking the same way!

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Hey Irene and Charles,

You totally should turn on products and services for your own account and use that as a demo account and show it off!

I host community sessions every Friday where we get together with many of our partners and talk about opportunities and share wins with the community! You can check out the recordings in the threads afterward, and I would recommend checking out how one of our other partners, Social Ordeals is doing this.

Here is a link to their first of three sessions:

I think they may speak to how they manage the demo account in the second session that you can watch here:

I would also recommend checking out another session, Win with Webinars, where you can grab a webinar deck to rebrand right away:

I hope that helps and you're able to join us whenever we fire up the community sessions again in the new year!

Here's the registration for the community sessions if you're interested:

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Absolutely set yourself up as a customer. This is a great way to learn more about how they work and will also be great for your businesses digital footprint.

Justin Anderson
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Perfect example of practice what you preach! Hard to sell a product or service to a customer if you haven't first proved that it worked for you!

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It looks like this has been removed:


Here is a link to their first of three sessions:


Has it been reposted elsewhere?

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Hi John, 


You can find all the Community Session recordings in the new Videos tab under Resources. 


You can also search for a particular recording. All three sessions from Social Ordeals are here: