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Do you show marketplace pricing or contact sales?

Matthew Peck
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Hey Folks! Just out of curiosity, do you show pricing in your marketplace or leave it as "Contact Sales"? I know there are different reasons for either option. I'm just wondering who has had success with either option. I just feel that fewer people will simply "Buy Now" and I could have better margins if I got them on the phone first. Just starting a conversation to hear other's thoughts.

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Hi Matthew,

I have not closed any sales with the Buy Now option. On the other hand, once I have been on the phone with prospects, I have been able to close and even upsell packages. But, I like having a few prices listed on my website, so they have a reference point. My goal is to offer package solutions that increase my profit. The individual solution that offers the "Buy Now" button just gives the prospect something to think about.

I hope my that helps.

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This is a great questions, Matthew. Looking forward to hearing the feedback...