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Mobile and Responsive

Thomas Mueller
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We have many customers that would like to use the Business App also from their mobile. It is not really responsive in a way that the business app can conveniently being used on a smartphone. It simply renders the desktop version which results in very difficult to read, navigate and work with application that customers don't use. This very much ist at the cost of user acceptance. More and more of small business owners focus on mobile usage rather than desktop usage.

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J Haley
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I would agree with this.

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I would also have to agree.

Nicole Clarke
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Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback. Would you be willing to share some more specific examples of what you're seeing that isn't responsive? Business App is intended to be a responsive web app, page content collapses into a single column, and should work for most screen sizes. But maybe you're experiencing something that shouldn't be happening! You can message me directly, or send screenshots to! Cheers,