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Executive Report Data

Thomas Mueller
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It seems that the data in the executive report is only updated once a week. Looking at the API I can also see endpoints accepting data either weekly or monthly. However, for the hospitality and tourism industry this is not sufficient. We need to measure social, website, ads and our bookings daily as we measure the daily pickup, the daily conversion, the daily specials offered, the daily ad and social performance in order to run a proper revenue management.

Therefore we ask to enhance the executive summary with daily insight and statistical updates. This also includes the ability for 3rd party and partner applications for daily insights to be provided and rendered.

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Dante Crescenzi
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Completely agree and second that emotion! ?

Nicole Clarke
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Appreciate this feedback Thomas – we have this on the roadmap, the ability to set custom date range and see more live data in the Executive Report inside Business App. Would you be interested in testing out functionality in beta as it is built? Cheers,