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Join us online for Google Academy on Air - July sessions

Troy Wruck
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Leverage our partnership with Google and join Google’s Academy on Air…

Check out the schedule below for topics through July:

Navigating the Road Ahead
June 4, 1 PM EDT
In this session, we’ll focus on setting you up with the right digital marketing strategies. The timeline of recovery remains fluid, but you can take steps to prepare and improve your ability to adapt to new changes. We’ll help you prioritize what to do next - including ways to use the latest consumer and industry insights, how to evaluate the situation facing your business, and steps to shift your digital marketing strategies to meet your customers’ needs.
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Drive Action with YouTube
June 9, 1 PM EDT
With people turning to YouTube now more than ever, this session will demonstrate how video can complement your search activity to achieve key performance goals. Learn best practices for setting up campaigns, defining your audience strategy and measuring the full value of your results.
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YouTube Tools
June 11, 1 PM EDT
In this session we will focus on two YouTube tools that can help you adapt your video strategy and engage with your customers. Video Builder is a creative tool for building video ads from images and text, while Reach Planner helps you plan your video campaigns to efficiently connect with customers and achieve your brand awareness goals.
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June 26, 1 PM EDT
Over the past few months, there has been a significant increase in app engagement across many categories. Tune into this session to learn more about consumer apps trends, the latest user acquisition and retention strategies, and recent innovations from App Campaigns - Google’s platform for app growth. Before you attend this session it’s recommended that you complete the new Apps Skillshop course.
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Generate Leads
July 7, 1 PM EDT
Uncertainty in consumer trends makes lead quality considerably more important, and sometimes harder to get. Join this session to learn how the quality of your leads can be improved on Search campaigns, and how data from the lead-to-sale journey can help you remain efficient.
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