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Feedback ShopToIt

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Hello everyone, I'm new here at this forum so I'm sorry if I can't use this space for this but wanted to ask if anybody here has previously used the Google Ads service with ShopToIt? If so, can anybody give me some feedback about the service? Is it really good and worth it? Is their support team helpful? Is it really a DFY service or do I have to be 100% on top of my client's campaigns?

I know I can easily make all these questions directly to ShopToIt but I rather have personal, real, and honest experiences from people who have used the service before or are currently using it.



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Scott Sanderson
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Hello my name is Scott, I am the founder of Shoptoit. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. Here is my calendar link if you would like to connect. Schedule A Call  Appreciated!