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Sales Tactics Calling Script? Appointment Setting Script?

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Hey! Does anyone have a proven appointment setting script that actually works to get demos on the books for our local marketing toolkits?

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Hey There.. Yes ill say that is my biggest hurdle..  Trying to learn how to answer objections via phone call... I found this within the academy.  Hope this helps !


Ashton Smith 



Alex Zalamov
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Hi Ashton, thanks for the link! I dont have a problem cold calling, Ive done it before and doesnt really phase me anymore. What Im trying to avoid doing is wasting time by calling SMBs and giving a generic pitch like "hey I noticed that some of your website listings are in correct", I trying to figure out what would be more compelling then that. Do you have any suggestions? 

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Well, hello there, Alex! It seems like your phone pitch needs some tweaking. When you say, "Hey, I noticed that some of your website listings are incorrect," it's like telling me, "Hey, I noticed you have a tiny pimple on your nose," - not a big deal.

As a business owner, I have bigger fish to fry, like worrying about paying my employees, getting my projects done, and selling my stuff without charging too much. I'm not interested in hearing cliches like "I'd love to..." or "Are you in the market for..." Instead, let me give you a challenge.

Make a script that addresses my concerns head-on, like how your service can make my life easier and help me tackle my problems short term and help me grow my business long term.

I hope you attended the Boot Camp we tackled the script.