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Ep. 346 Video Marketing Strategy, with Brian Albert

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New episode this week:

Different segments of digital marketing can work independently, but adding a video marketing strategy can enhance and make them stronger.

We speak to Brian Albert, Founder and CEO of Videobolt, in Florida this week. Videobolt has a history of helping businesses grow by producing high-quality videos and pass it along to SMBs who can’t necessarily afford it. Brian shares the two questions you should ask yourself before hitting the record button on your camera to create a video for your brand. He explains how to overcome objections, how to use video to your advantage during the pandemic, and why turning on your camera is a must for remote meetings. is the leading provider of spokesperson videos to businesses of all sizes, as well as an innovator in the personalized video space. Brian also founded, a pioneer in lawyer video marketing. Prior to entering the business world, Brian was a television news reporter and anchor in New York and Florida (where he interviewed multiple presidents and Fortune 100 CEOs), as well as an attorney. He has more than 25 years of programming experience and is a skilled video editor. Brian is a graduate of Columbia University, where he played on the ice hockey team and the University of Miami School of Law.

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Brian Albert
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It was great to join George to speak about the importance of video for businesses of all sizes. With fewer in-person meetings, video communication is as important as ever. All businesses should make sure that their videos are professionally produced and effectively represent their brand. Remember, just because you have the tools to create your own videos doesn't mean that you should do so. Create professional videos and do so frequently to stay top of mind.

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Thank you @Brian Albert for joining us on the latest edition. Time for individuals and businesses to get their Video Game on point. Over the years we have known each other, Brian and Corey have been my go to for the pulse of Video and how various businesses and industries are leveraging this media to drive their message and growth. Time to throw on the swimming gear and jump into the deep end of the "Video Pool" (shameless 100 degree summer plug) #conquervideo #conquerorsMan Swimming