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EP. 344: Customer-Centric Hiring, with Wayne Bischoff

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By creating a culture of always serving the customers, hiring around customer-centric is an easy way to tell if the candidate is the right fit.

Check out the latest podcast episode here:

Wayne Bischoff, CEO of Mediamark, joins us on the Conquer Local Podcast all the way from South Africa. Wayne’s sales career started at the age of seven when he began selling pencils on the playground. He shares how his background in sales prepared him as the CEO to create a customer-centric organization. Hiring amid a pandemic has been a significant theme on the podcast. Wayne explains when he is looking to hire new reps, he focuses on how they are motivated. If a potential employee says they are motivated by money, he doesn’t want them to be a part of his organization.

Wayne is a dynamic natural leader with nearly three decades of extensive experience in the sales, marketing, and advertising industry, both in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, and Europe. This experience covers the full media landscape from Print, TV, Radio, OOH to Digital and gives me a strategic birds-eye view of the fast-evolving disruptive media and advertising space. His senior leadership roles cover MD, Executive, and Directorships, including a board member of the Advertising Media Association of Southern Africa. Wayne’s strengths involve creating high-performance sales cultures with a sharp focus on customer-centricity. He is exceptionally well equipped to drive digital transformation within legacy organizations.

Mediamark is a leading multimedia sales house that ensures brands derive maximum value from their advertising spend through tailored multichannel solutions. Mediamark is a specialist media solutions company comprising Mediamark Radio, Mediamark Digital, Mediamark Events, and Mediamark TV.