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Automations Date-based Email sequence

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Hello all,
I would like to set up a date-based email sequence based on a webinar.  An indoctrination email sequence that sends email based on when someone registers.
For instance let's say that the webinar is 2 weeks from now.
I set up 7 email messages over  the 2 week period. 
One email 12 days before the webinar, the second is 9 days before the webinar, the 3rd is 7 days before the webinar, etc.,

If someone registers 7 before the webinar, they only receive the "7 days before" and any remaining email messages and not the "12 days before" or "9 days before" email messages.

Has anyone set up something like this and would like to share?

Hope this makes sense.  



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A 7 email sequence for a webinar opt-in sounds like too much imho, so if someone opt-in on day 1 they’ll be getting all 7 emails?

is it the same email copy on all emails, or different emails?

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Heather Eakins
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@localbuzzgroupI believe what she is looking for is to have an email sequence end or change based on the recipient's action (clicks within and external form registrations). 

The ability to link a form action to an email sequence would add usability to the CRM within Vendasta. The fact that we don't have the widget options is very limiting. 

And a 7 email sequence for a webinar is right on par with current marketing trends taught by multiple experts. 

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@heakinsmatadordigi-com  @localbuzzgroup 

Yes Heather, this is correct. This is what I was looking for in the marketing section.  I am trying to come up with a work-around.