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Do you regularly connect your clients' Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) in the business app? Poll is created on Jul 07, 2021


Business App Google Analytics 4

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Can we get some guidance on GA 4? When will the business app be compatible with this next generation of GA? Perhaps a quick tutorial during the next Friday call would be a good idea.



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Thomas Mueller
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I fully agree as this is a problem for our customers using GA4 and we can't connect. They refuse to go back to Universal. What can we do?

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I recommend using both UA and GA4 when setting up Google Analytics at this time.

There are multiple benefits of doing this and Google also recommends this since most websites are not using GA4 yet and many platforms still only integrate with UA.

Google has made provision for both UA and GA4 to operate hand in hand. This way you can connect apps to both properties as needed. We have done this and have connected websites using UA to Business App and GA4 to other marketing tech we use.

Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to set up both properties if needed:

You can also reference this doc from Google: