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Community Session (Friday, May 21, 2021) - Opportunities for MSPs in 2021

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He couldn't make it last week, but this Friday, Andrew Down, Director of Sales, IT Channel at Vendasta, will join us to share his past experience in the IT Channel, and insights into the opportunities for MSPs in 2021.

The MSP (Managed Service Provider) market is undergoing a significant transformation. They are looking beyond providing mere technology services to helping their customers fast track from traditional business models to modern, more flexible, and adaptive digital marketplaces and ecommerce.

Andrew recently discussed the IT Channel and the difference between MSPs, VARs (Value Added Resellers) on the Conquer Local Podcast.

Check it out before Friday's session. Listen here.

Register here:

Friday, May 21, 12:30 pm - 1:30pm US Eastern Time (GMT -4)

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Has the zoom meeting been updated?

Getting this error:

"Meeting 97348598209 is not found or has expired. (3,001)"

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Hey to save myself from being inundated with requests for my Ecom form I mentioned on the call, here is the link...

You will need to make a copy of this form, Otherwise, everyone who has access to this copy will see the form responses you get from it
As mentioned this form will save to a Google sheet which will allow you to copy and paste the rows into the Vendasta Product Spreadsheet.