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Bridging the LBOT Client Confidence Gap

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We’ve been working with alot of entry-level clients who are new to digital. They understand the value of the LBOT programs but do not have the confidence/knowledge to get started. We have been hosting webinars, FAQ, etc but we still have a very low adoption rate on the entry-level Freemium programs. Walking them through the program is costly and doesn’t build scale. Does anyone have any suggestions for onboarding freemium LBOT clients that is scalable? Thanks!

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Hi there,
Related to that is the way it is initially presented - aka the scripts used to introduce the need and the product. Basically framing it in a way that they see that they need it and that this will be a solution to their problem.
I am looking for that too, the right opening scripts, both verbally and in email.

A business knows it wants more sales / Revenue / Customers.
People normally want a quick fix.
That is why so many go with a ‘Sale’ and an ‘Advertisement’ for that sale.
It is short term, but does produce visible results.
How do we frame it so that they see this as a solution in the mid to long term for getting more sales / Revenue / Clients?
That is key.