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Bouncing Back - Be The Hero (April 17)

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How are you preparing for the inevitable bounce? Listen to the Podcast and join in the discussion!

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On this week’s interactive webinar, we will be spending time with George Leith, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Vendasta and Host of the Conquer Local Podcast. We will be discussing topics covered in the most recent Conquer Local Podcast, episode 328: Be the Hero | Master Sales Series.

  • Where are you going to be after the inevitable bounce?
  • Will you Be the Hero?

Conquer Local Webinars are a place for our community members to engage and discuss the state of the market and ways to overcome challenges that agencies and SMBs are facing right now.

Feel free to come and go as you please or even tune in and work on projects in the background as we discuss topics relevant to any agency supporting our communities wherever we may be around the world!

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really looking forward to this Session!

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Missed this session? Watch it back here.