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11 March Community Session – Special Guest to Appear

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Hi friends!

A heads up that SocialJack Media Founder Jack Pires is going to be your featured speaker for the CL Community Session on 11 March.

Jack spoke at a fantastic session we held called “Weatherproofing your agency: Growing your revenue during changing market conditions.”

He spoke about his journey from quitting a lucrative career in hospitality to starting an agency; and while it wasn’t easy, he’s gone from $175k ARR to $1m+ today with an epic 100% retention rate and a team of six.

Jack had SO MANY questions from attendees that we’ve invited him to a Community Session so he can speak to many of the challenges that you all are going through as you try and build your digital agency; inflation, recruiting, generating leads virtually, scaling etc.

We encourage you to watch a recording of the event here.

And if you have any questions you’d like to ask Jack, please post them in this thread or feel free to ask him at the Session next week.

See y’all there!