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Using Vendasta to support nonprofits

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Hello community!

Is anyone using the Vendasta platform to support nonprofits? I have a prospect I am working with, and want to use Vendasta to get them established with digital presence (business listings, google my business) and then use tools like rep management & social marketing, but there are a couple of challenges right off the bat:

  • They are a service-area business (not a huge deal, but they don't have a physical address, only a PO Box)
  • They do not have a business phone number

They are able to manage connections with their clients, volunteers and donors via their website & email.

I would love to hear what others of you have done, and are the points above a show-stopper for Vendasta and this client?

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Hi Kristi126, 


I have a few clients that are nonprofits. There are a few service options offered in the marketplace that I have noticed better serve nonprofits. In our experience helping nonprofits have solid online listings and a strong website is key. Then leveraging that to promote their mission. This has resulted in more awareness via media coverage for our clients. If they do not have a location or a number. I would suggest having them use the p.o. box create a GMB and use the free sms number assigned via customer voice/inbox messaging in the business app. This way they can at the very least receive sms. Then you can use Rake to create a web chat bot, connect whatsapp and facebook messenger.  You mentioned they connect via email and their website. There are also great resources available for nonprofits such as google for nonprofits, slack for nonprofits, canva for nonprofits, and more. I would recommend connecting with your local news stations to have them do a piece on the nonprofit. This allows you to create a blog and have backlinks to help boost their website.  I hope this helps. Thank you. 

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@beauandrews569 - I am so sorry for my delinquent reply! Ooooosh... thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Your insights are very helpful! I greatly appreciate it. All the best.