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When researching a new prospect - what are all the sources you go to research their online presence? Poll is created on Apr 05, 2023


Get ready to scale with the newest Conquer Local Certification.

Lauretta Peters
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Bulletproof your Agency with Janice Christopher walks through strategies to scale your agency using the Vendasta platform and tools such as the Snapshot Report, Business App, The Executive Report, and more. This masterclass is all led by a Vendasta partner who’s already put in the work and found success - Janice Christopher. 

By the end of this program, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Leverage prospects’ online presence to host a valuable consultation
  • Market a website to attract ideal customers.
  • Package & position products to fit your prospects needs along the Customer Journey
  • Plan a powerful monthly meeting to engage & retain clients

This week features the release of Module 1: Host a Powerful Consultation that Converts - where Janice showcases how to close more deals and land more clients with the use of consultative selling techniques in combination with the Snapshot Report and Business App.

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