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Vendasta's New Meeting Scheduler is Now Available




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We're excited to announce that our new meeting scheduler is now available to everyone in Sales & Success Center. It's the perfect way to save time while booking meeting hassle-free. With everything managed from Sales & Success Center, here are just a few of the great features:

  • Google Calendar integration, so that any new meeting will show up automatically without you having to update your calendar yourself.
  • Google Meet and Zoom integration, saving you from having to spend time setting up the screen sharing software with each new meeting.
  • Multiple time slots so that you can have complete control over your schedule and what's booked into it.
  • Automatic client reminders that get sent out 1 day and 30 minutes prior so that no-shows are no longer a concern.
  • Customizable buffer periods so you can control how much time you have between meetings to collect your thoughts and prepare.

All this and more is available today, and it only takes a minute to set up your own meeting scheduler. Take a look at our support article for a step by step guide in how to set it up, or watch our walkthrough video.

So log into Sales & Success Center today to get started and watch the meetings roll in.