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[New release] In-platform dispute handling capabilities




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Yes, you heard that right! You're now able to handle disputes directly from your Vendasta dashboard!

What's a dispute? In a credit card or debit card account, a dispute is a situation in which a customer (in this case, one of your clients) questions the validity of a transaction that was registered to their account.

You'll get notified with an email and a platform notification whenever a payment dispute is initiated. You'll also get notified via email and platform notification when a dispute status changes (including when final decisions are made on them).

Oh, did I mention that we’ve also automated the handling of fund disbursements when disputes are decided? Well, yeah, we did that for you too!

Handling disputes has never been so simple.

I've attached a few screenshots so that you can see what it looks like in the platform.

You'll be able to see disputes tags on the Payments listing page itself now. When you click through on one in particular, you can then choose to <i data-stringify-type="italic">Accept the dispute or <i data-stringify-type="italic">Provide Evidence to fight it by uploading the evidence directly through a form provided directly on the platform.

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