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Notification before upgrades or updates are done to the platform.




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Hello, I've experienced a few things the other day that I communicated to Customer Success, and they advised me to post it here. I was in the middle of a Dashboard Demo yesterday afternoon when the platform started getting glitchy, and then applications just stopped working with no apparent notice. I submitted an urgent ticket at the time because I was live with a client. One error message that stood out to me, and struck me as odd, was the message shown here: . I imagined myself being a (not so tech-savvy) client in the Dashboard and seeing this message and realizing the undue stress that could bring to a client. I wanted to know if this message could be changed or that more context is added. It came across as being funny for me, but it would unnecessarily stress many clients to read that their website "has been misplaced." Food for thought.

I was told these glitches were due to an upgrade or update taking place. In my opinion, more advanced and more apparent notification is required to let partners know when these are taking place to avoid any embarrassing moments with a client.




Hello Gilles,

Thanks for your message, I will be letting the team know of your concerns with the error message. I agree that it could be more clear as to cause less stress to any of your clients.

We agree that proper notification is important for any planned updates. The Vendasta team tries our best to communicate these ahead of time, but more can always be done. I have passed this information on to the right teams.

In this specific situation, we are continuing to identify the cause. If possible, please continue capturing these and reporting them to support so we can better diagnose if there is a larger issue.