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Multi-Location Payment Method--Attached to User




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It would be helpful if the user's payment method was attached to them vs to an account. This is especially true of franchise clients where they have multi-location and instead of having to enter a payment method for each 'location' 'account' they enter--the payment method would be under the user. It would simply the process for adding a new location account when the user is the same. If the user is already in the system and has a payment method on file--would be extremely helpful to have that payment method available when they are added to a 'new location/account' versus having to enter a payment method each time.






Hi, Matthew!

Sorry for the delay in getting a response! I hope you had some lovely holidays.

My name's Nicholas and I'm the Product Marketing Manager working on the billing team. ?

We currently do not support this on the system, but thank you so much for providing us with this valuable feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

I'm going to circulate this within the team and I'll be sure to let you know if we decide to put this into our roadmap.

Thanks again for your feedback, we really do appreciate it.

Best regards,