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CalendarHero [Solved] Can you connect CalendarHero to the business app?




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I've switched from Meeting Scheduler to CalendarHero recently because of the more robust features available.  Is there a way to connect CalendarHero to my business app so that when people request meetings it goes through CalendarHero?

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Hi Brian, Yes! 

There is a brand new feature to put a booking link (like your Calendar Hero link) on your salesperson profile, which will then appear inside Business App contact card for all accounts that have been assigned to your salesperson user.

To add a booking link to your salesperson profile, go to Partner Center > Salespeople, find your user and click the name to edit the profile, then scroll down to find the field labelled "Book a meeting link" and enter your URL here, then hit save.

Then, make sure your salesperson user is assigned to the account, and your users will see a new "Book a meeting" button in the contact card of Business App