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Add a default note to all outgoing invoices including recurring invoices




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Hi there hope your well

Wondering if a default memo can be created for all invoices going forward as well as recurring invoices. If not I would like to submit this as a feature request because it would be very helpful for invoicing.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We have started to dig into all the different ways we can improve billing. I would like to get on a discovery call with you to learn more about how you currently invoice your customers and how it can be improved. Would you be open for call?

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While we're talking about invoicing system upgrades, I think it would be helpful to easily be able to share a direct link to an invoice. Also clients would appreciate being able to see one time, yearly and monthly costs. 

Go Vendasta team!

Creating clarity and transparency around monthly, yearly and one time costs is really important. Would you be open for a call to dig more into your current invoicing process and where it could be improved?

I think this would be great to have also.



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Also if possible can we disable credit card payments on invoices and just place details to pay direct via bank transfer?