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Sales & Success Center Gmail Extension - Reply tracking




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CRMs allow for open and reply tracking. When I send an email and tag it to be tracked and the customer replies or opens that email it can be tracked in the CRM. This is essential to capture the reply and open data to know responses to proposals and deals. This is especially important for sales people to mange deals as a team as well as maintain a history of the client.

@steffan.carlos621 YES! Open and reply pixel tracking would be a huge upgrade and, as you said, is essential for salespeople.

I agree I want to make the switch from Hubspot free to the sales and success center but I can't see if my clients have even opened their mail, nor are any of the messages they send logged. When working with my team they have no idea if they've emailed me. This would be the feature that would make this a fully fledged CRM and give me no reason to use anything else

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Seconded on the comments above!

Also, it would be nice if the learn more button in the Gmail widget also directed salespeople to at minimum a grey labeled instructions page and not directly to the Vendasta branded help website.

Where it sends our sales team




Thank you for your message.

We are working on making a chrome extension to cater to this.
We are investigating this on priority and will be able to get back to you on this soon.