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Would a printer-friendly Snapshot be useful for clients who are not Tech-savvy? Poll is created on Nov 18, 2021


Snapshot Report Condensed Snapshot that is Printer-Friendly?




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Surprisingly, there are still many small business owners that are NOT tech-savvy and prefer a physical paper Snapshot versus an email. When you go print a Snapshot, it can easily be 14 pages long. Verified with Tech and there is no condensed version that is printer-friendly.

Can this feature be added? 

@Dnabrandmgt I definitely understand that it's not ideal to have a 14-page long report to show to your client. The good news is that we're hard at work on making the Snapshot Report more printer-friendly.

While I can't confirm if this feature will be added in the next set of changes, I'll be relaying this feedback to the team so they can take this into consideration for a future update.

If you have any further feedback on how we can make Snapshot Report even more printer-friendly, let me know as we're always looking for new ideas!

Thanks Adam! I know it may seem a bit impractical but I think simply clearing the gaps in the printing form of the Snapshot will significantly condense the report. Appreciate your response - thank you

@Dnabrandmgt Not impractical at all! The page gaps are something we're hoping to improve with our future changes, so I agree that could be one way to help reduce the length of the report. Feel free to share any other areas you think could be improved as the team loves feedback like that!