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Funnel Builders?




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Is there any plan to integrate something like ClickFunnels into the platform? 

I know it's a landing page builder, but the for-purpose funnel setups would be a good bonus.

Or else somehow make it easier to track conversions with Vendasta?

ie Customer Journey:

LandingPage>Click to purchase vendasta package link direct>Register/Signin>Purchase>Conversion API


LandingPage>Purchase from Clickfunnels/landing builder>API webhooks pushes purchase information to Vendasta>Vendasta creates new account, welcome email, and other automations.

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Hey Tim! Have you explored the share a link to a package feature in the Vendasta platform? Paired with Automations, you could build something pretty cool.

I'd also like to chat more if you're available. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as we build even more ways to help you automate your marketing.

Please let me know what time works best for you in my CalendarHero link.

@Sanjay I booked a time with you!

But I wanted to add, yes, I'm familiar with the feature.

My biggest challenge is that for a new customer, it goes directly to a login/register page and that creates a large amount of friction.

It requires an account to see the cart at all.

That's a huge amount of friction.

I see two solutions

Someone can purchase a product using a product form (maybe on clickfunnels), then an integration API would push the purchase information through, automatically create an account, activate the corresponding product, send a welcome email, plus whatever other automations.

Or to keep it in house, there's an order page app/widget or something where we can add a singular vendasta product OR packages there. The order page product info would allow us to customize price (similar to clickfunnel products section) embed it into a landing page so we can customize the landing page.

So that way, when someone purchases, the product gets directly activated, payment goes through vendasta, and automations can happen (create account, on-boarding, etc), even integrate FB Pixel+GAnalytics Server conversion API.

IOS 14 makes cooking tracking extremely difficult, so server API integrations would help.

Thanks for the info. I have a few ideas I'd like to get your thoughts on! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow.

@Sanjay There's no meeting link



I came here to say I've been thinking about this as well. The sign-up requirement before purchasing adds more steps than might exist if you set up a ClickFunnel or had your packages as products in something like WooCommerce/Shopify/Wix.