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Marketplace Feature Request: Zoho Integration




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Hi Team, one of our clients had some suggestions for our feature request regarding Zoho Integration

  • Zoho calendar integration for the booking app
  • Also would be nice to have Zoho email and office 365 for Australia on the marketplace to resell

This is an interesting request so I'm eager to hear everyone's thoughts.

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Also sync to Zoho Books and CRM ? 

Great suggestions Julie, we'll keep those in mind as well!



Hey Maria,

As the Product Marketer for our booking app, I can speak to that request and I definitely see the benefit of including a Zoho calendar integration!

The team is currently working on additional email integrations at the moment, but once the work on that has been completed we'll be looking to new features we can include and a connection to Zoho Calendar could be great.

Thanks for bringing this request to our attention, don't hesitate to let us know about any other integrations you'd like to see for our booking app! 

I love this idea also! Adam, would there be any estimated months from now that you think this could be available? Our entire team uses Zoho and currently has to connect their personal Gmail accounts to the meeting scheduler!

Unfortunately, we don't have any estimated time on when this would be completed. While we have looked into additional calendar integrations, we don't have this on our immediate roadmap.

But if we do start work on this I'll be sure to let you know along with any tentative timelines we have on when it'll be completed.

Sorry for the inconvenience as I understand it's not ideal, but I'll definitely relaying the importance of this back to the product team.