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Customer Voice [Solved] Jump user directly to review platform




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The review widget when embedded on a web page asks a user to click a star rating and write out a review using the form fields, and based on the sentiment, then asks the user to copy and paste what they wrote then click through to the review platform and paste the review there. that seems to me it is asking the user to do double the work and creates friction that could otherwise be avoided.

is there a way to jump the user directly to the review platform after they select their star rating so that they write their review on the review platform itself.



the email review widget ironically has the opposite problem when the 'preferred sources' option is selected: the user clicks the review link from the customer voice email signature and it bombs them directly over to the review platform. it would be useful to have a way to gauge their sentiment first. 

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Thanks for the feedback, Daniel! The team working on Customer Voice has plans to redesign the Review Generation Widget, specifically, so we appreciate the insight. We are always looking for ways to reduce friction when leaving a review. 

As for the email widget; you've uncovered the exact reason why we give the option for two different flows (My Listing vs. My Preferred Sites). I like your suggestion of rerouting them to the right forum right after they've indicated their sentiment, though ?  I'll bring this to the team when it's time to address this in our roadmap.

You might just see these ideas come to life in future iterations. Stay tuned. 


Yeah, I'm coming from a different review request manager that had this very useful "gating" functionality so I'm really surprised that the customer voice email and text message system doesn't do a pre-filter for negative reviews. Seems like it could go to a web page first that asks if it was a positive or negative experience, and then if it was Positive it goes to an option to choose which platform you want to leave a review on. If the experience was negative then it goes to a feedback form instead. I understand that to stay within the requirements of review platforms you still need to allow the option for people to leave reviews even if the experience was negative, but my old review request platform got around that by having the review site icons in black and white and much smaller that appear after they fill out the negative review feedback form...

And unrelated but while we're on the topic of customer voice, why is Yelp not explicitly included in the built-in preferred sites options?!

Just curious ... did the review platform you used to use offer Yelp as a preferred site? If so, could you also reply to Yelp reviews without having to be redirected to and logging into Yelp?

No, The system I was using was actually a custom design which only revealed the review links if you were satisfied otherwise it was just a feedback message. However even when you got to the review links you still needed to click out to the review site and log in if necessary. It would be awesome if you could write one review that got syndicated out onto multiple review sites such as Yelp... But I'm not sure that's possible unfortunately!



Just to clarify how Customer Voice currently works: using the My Listing workflow will ask customers first for their star rating and review which will get automatically posted to the business's My Listing page (a 1st party listing site). If it was a 4 or 5-star rating, they are prompted to copy + paste their review to the business's preferred sites. That is how we help to mitigate negative reviews from being shared on the most public sites. That being said, I do agree there are improvements needed to reduce friction and increase the likelihood people actually post their positive reviews on Google/Facebook, etc. like Daniel mentioned above. 

As far as Yelp, asking for reviews is against Yelp's policies and content guidelines, which is why it is not including as a preferred review source. That being said, while you are not allowed to ask for Yelp reviews, there is nothing wrong with letting customers know that you have a Yelp profile through Customer Voice, and including a link to the profile. 

Hope that helps!



Douglas, I would love to know some more about this previous platform you came from if you're willing. Anything, in particular, you liked/disliked or features we could use in Customer Voice?

Thanks for that clarification around Yelp Paige, I was wondering why it wasn't one of the preferred sites. Basically one way this could work would be that instead of directly clicking on one of the preferred sites in the CV review request email, the customer would click out to an intermediary page that would first gauge their sentiment. If not positive then it would prompt them to message the client with some feedback. If it was positive, only then It would show the various review site options to click out to. It was actually a custom created system that I designed and used for my clients before moving to Vendasta. Here's my old review page for my design agency for reference:

Thank you for this!