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Website Pro Purge Cache/ Optimize wordflow




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When building a website that is hosted on Website Pro, the changes we make on the site are not reflected in real time on the front end of the website for some reason, and it forces us into having to go into the Website Pro dashboard and click to purge the cache for each and every website edit we make in order to see the changes reflected on the front end.

It would be most convenient to have a way inside the WordPress dashboard (without having to use a 3rd party plugin) to purge the cache so that the workflow is not interrupted by having to go over to the Website Pro dashboard to purge the cache, meaning we need to be able to remain inside the WP dashboard. Normally a cache purge is not even necessary to see the general edits made to the site.

For example, if a web dev working from home was making edits to the site, in this case they would also need access to the business center, then they would need to navigate to website pro in the biz app, then click into website pro, and the click to purge cache.



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Hi Daniel! Thanks for your thoughts. This is an idea I will bring to the team.

One of the things that makes Vendasta's Website product fast is the caching we perform in NGINX and the CDN. As a result, when updates are performed site owners will need to clear the cache so their customers can see the changes.
Besides entering the Website product dashboard to clear the cache a user can wait, as the cache for every site clears automatically every hour. Additionally, a user can implement changes in the staging env, and when pushed to Live, the cache is cleared automatically.

Another option is to force caching through the URL. If a developer/site owner adds "/?skip" (example: to the end of their site URL they should see their most recent changes immediately.