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Feature Request: Net Profit Margin/ Revenue Amounts in Dashboard and Exports




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Feature Request- It would help tremendously if we could have a feature where we can easily see Net Profit Margin and Net Profit Revenue amounts within the Partner Center sales overview dashboard as well as when viewing orders and exporting the pipeline within Sales & Success Center as an admin.

We would use this by being able to monitor the average Net Profit Margin and Net Profit Revenue for each market. This would be helpful in determining what markup on each product is working best and make sure our teams are generating a minimum amount of net profit revenue.

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Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely understand how that would be beneficial, and I appreciate you breaking down how you'd use this particular feature.

I'll definitely bring this back to the team for further consideration as we're always looking at ways that Sales & Success Center can provide more useful info for your business. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional feedback!