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Customer Voice Export Customer Lists




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Would it be possible to Export "Customer Lists" to be used in other products such as Constant Contact?

@Paul Ryan this is a reasonable request that is not currently available, but the team will consider this in the future.

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Hi Paul, this is a great suggestion. Exporting customer info has come up recently in our internal discussions around Customer Voice.  I will check where the request lives in our backlogs and determine how we can prioritize making it happen. I'll pop back here once I have something concrete. Thanks!

@jhawkinson2 Any updates on "Exporting Customer Lists" from Customer Voice? Any ETA's?

@Paul Ryan we have it identified and ticketed in the queue as of now. The team just added the "template download" feature so we're moving closer to getting to this one. No exact ETA yet but it will be a topic in our meeting this week.