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Customer Voice Easier way to format the templates...especially removing the grey background




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I think Customer Voice is a great product BUT creating custom templates is a pain in the a$$. Having an easier formatting feature - or even a good tutorial!! - would be very helpful. 

And having just gone through the support team, I know that the grey background to all emails is hardwired into the system. It looks pretty rubbish when received (it looks like a template email, which I don't want!), so having the ability to change it e.g. to white would be fantastic.

Any chance of these happening?


Thanks, Stephen

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Hello, thank you for your feedback!  This helps us make the product better for users and to help business grow!  

We will definitely look into how we can make custom templates more delightful and easy to use and also see how we can redesign the emails to look more professional.  

Let me take this back to the team to get their thoughts.