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Proposal Builder Discounts in proposal builder




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I love the new proposal builder. I've used other online proposal builders in the past, but I love the integration with products/packages and the ability to pull in the marketing content from those. Kudos to the team on a solid beta launch!

I sometimes discount for certain products/services and I would like to show that discount in the pricing table of the proposal. Right now, I include it in the description which can be edited right in the proposal. Adding an optional discount column (show or hide per proposal) would be a great way to make this value more prominent. 

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Hi Brian! Thanks so much for this note. We are working with our orders and billings team to get this functionality rolled out across the board. I don’t have an estimated completion date yet, but we absolutely recognize it is a powerful tool to have in your kit. If you’re going to offer a discount, you should be able to extract all the benefits from it by showing it clearly on all documentation. Keep the feedback coming!