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Website Pro Disable Add A Store Card in Website Pro Dashboard




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I feel it would be beneficial to have the option to turn off the "Get started selling online" card that appears in the Website Pro dashboard.

Not sure if this applies to all Partners, but over 90% of the website builds we offer are not eCommerce websites.

Either way, it would be nice to show the website stats without the distraction of installing a store for clients not in need of that service.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback John. While we don't have any immediate plans for this, I have captured this product request for future consideration.

@jrenwick One more note on this, I migrated over a client website that already has WooCommerce, and that block to "Add a Store" still shows. Not sure if the system recognizes when WooCommerce is present, if not, that's another reason it would be a nice to have that off switch. 🙂