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Copy/Clone an eMail within a campaign




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When you create a series of eMails in a campaign, the eMail Marketing tool is easy to use and a great feature, compared to many products out there (i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc).

However, the nature of a series of eMail campaign is that certain elements of an eMail are similar or the same. Like the footer with greetings or the last two paragraphs to close as they conclude on your single minded marketing message.

It would therefore be very beneficial if we would be able to copy/clone eMail 1 into another one and so forth. That would eliminate the tedious and cumbersome going back and forth between the different eMails and copy paste.

Anyone else for this feature to the roadmap?

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I like this idea.



Hi Thomas and Nicholas,

I'm the Product Marketing Manager for our Channel Partners division and I've sent your suggestion to our product teams. What I can tell you right away is that we have BIG plans for our email marketing system in 2021, so you can expect a lot of improvements in that area of the platform.

Please, keep the feedback coming. Our ultimate goal is to build something that you love. ?