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Listings Can the My Listing pages have a link to take you back to the Business Directory?




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The Business Directory that combines the My Listing pages has incredible potential for countries that don’t have many listing options. In the Caribbean for example, we have extremely limited options for listings.

In fact, we have to deactivate many listing sources within the listing suite because they don’t apply to our regions. Many listing platforms available in the US, Canada etc are not available here.

Our research shows that the Business Directory and enhanced My Listing pages would be extremely valuable here.

Can we have the option to include a link on My Listing pages to take a visitor back to the Business Directory?

This will allow for more people to interact with the directory and supports prospecting/business development when businesses ask about being listed as well.



Hi Isaac,

I’m Erica, a Product Marketer here at Vendasta. Thank you for your insights and your great suggestion. While our business has primarily been in North America, we are excited to see more adoption in other regions as well. Our teams are beginning to look at how we can improve opportunities for Partners such as yourself where the listings ecosystem is limited. I’m happy to take your feedback to our Listings product team!



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Thank you very much @Erica. Looking forward to this.