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Snapshot Report Add Snapshot report to business app for prospects




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Just from a customer's perspective, the ability to view their snapshot report from the email link as well as their business app dashboard seems like a no-brainer. How, other than uploading a pdf to files, can we allow our prospects to see this within the business app? I think this is a super important feature missing.. 

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Hi @maggieseo, that's a great idea and something we'd definitely like to bring into Business App in the future. While there's no current alternative other than uploading a pdf, it does make a lot of sense to add it there and give the report even more visibility for the prospects. 

I can't give any clear roadmap on a feature like this, but we're always looking for new ideas and I'll definitely bring this back to the team so they can consider it when coming up with future plans. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other ideas around Snapshot Report or Business App!