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Sales & Success Center Can we add text messages as an action?




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Many of my partners and teammates use texts as an effective method of communication and currently the only way to track them is through the "other" action. This is an issue because "other" doesn't show up in the leaderboard. For sales managers who want to see the actions their teams are taking, this is a challenge. 

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Hey Justin! 

Love the way you are thinking – this is something on our mind too! There are a few ways we'd like to explore this:

  • allow Custom Fields for things like Sales Activity
  • integrate SMS messaging through the platform to help remove recording work that happens elsewhere

No promises or timelines on these but this is absolutely a need we understand and we want to find a high-impact way to solve it.

I'd love to have a discussion with you to discuss some of these options to help fit your sales process. Please reach out and let me know when we could talk more!