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Acquisition Widget - Custom Fields please




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In my marketing I have found it crucial to learn more about a prospect when they first opt-in.
In my case, for example, I want to know if they are a member of the public or a health professional.
I accomplish this with a checklist or radio button.  
When they make their choice, I tag them, and start an appropriate email campaign.

I would like to have an acquisition widget which enables custom fields and tagging, as many as I want for a widget.  So I might want to know their country, credential, phone.



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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the question. I am a product manager here in Vendasta, and my team is currently working on the form builder, an acquisition widget improvement, which allows you to add account custom fields on top of other field type choices, such as the radio button and checklist.

While the public release of this is still a few months away, we would love to set up a call with you if you don't mind, so we can walk you through what we have so far and get your feedback.  

Here's my booking link: