Automate Sales Outreach With Yesware

Over 65% of sales rep's work hours are spent on non-revenue generating sales activities. This includes admin that could and should be automated to drastically impact this number. In this course you will drive into strategies that will give you, as a salesperson, your time back. Explore the Vendasta product, Yesware, that streamlines sales engagement processes and provides you with automated insights every step of the way.


→ Explore the changing landscape of AI tools for sales enablement, and how to grow these processes within your sales teams.
→ Explore Yesware, a tool that streamlines your sales outreach with features and functionalities that help you move through your sales process quickly and efficiently.
→ Dive into two success stories that showcase the value of deeply embedding automation into the sales outreach process. 

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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • 1 Quiz