• 4 Modules

    Automate Sales Outreach With Yesware

    Over 65% of sales rep's work hours are spent on non-revenue generating sales activities. This includes admin that could and should be automated to drastically impact this number. In this course you will drive into strategies that will give you, as a salesperson, your time back. Explore the Vendasta product, Yesware, that streamlines sales engagement processes and provides you with automated insights every step of the way.

  • 4 Modules

    Bulletproof your Agency with Janice Christopher

    Ready to take your marketing game to the next level? Learn secrets to scale your agency from one of Vendasta's best and brightest partners in a tried, tested, and proven way.

    Awareness & Attraction - Build your brand to reach your ideal clients
    Package for Repeatable Excellence - A system that works for your business
    Conversion through Consultation - Educate your prospects along the customer journey
    Engagement & Retention - Engage your clients with ongoing insights

  • 10 Modules

    Vendasta Foundational Products Certification

    COMING SOON – 2023 In this certification you will dive deep into the customer journey, digital marketing stack, and explore how you can build the…